14th July 2015

See Nicolas Ortega’s Movie Poster Archive

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See Nicolas Ortega’s Movie Poster Archive

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In a guest post for Lürzer's Archive, Colombian graphic designer Nicolas Ortega tells us about The Movie Poster Design Project and how since January 2014 he's designed a poster for every film he's watched.
How did you get the idea?
The idea came up in a really weird way. I remember I was waiting for someone at the cinema and that person never appeared. I was looking at the posters of the film and my first thought was "Man, these posters are really ugly!" But at the same time I really enjoy and love spending time watching movies.
So, that mix of ideas lend me to another path: to make a posters by myself of each movie (even if the movie is bad), taking a single object of them and start posting on Instagram. After few months, I remember meeting with another friend, we talked about the project and he make some opinions about it, I made some improvements. The rest is as you see it now. 
How did you refine the style?
At first I didn't have a strong idea about what the style and graphic solution for the idea would be. As a passionate Graphic Designer you always have the spirit of of the idea first.
But when I did the first ones I realised that I could make a long-term project with this. So the next thinking was how to make it strong visually. I made the first ones and after a few trials I discovered the black background would be a good supportive theme.
I remember when I started I really wanted to take one object of each movie and make the poster only with that. After I showed to some friends, I decided that it was better to try to capture the essence of the movie in one single image, even if the object wasn't involved. 
What were the biggest challenges?
I think the big challenge since the start was consistency, differentiation and the concept behind each poster.
It's really hard to capture the essence of an audiovisual piece in one single simple image. There's people in history that have really got a talent for this (Paul Rand and Saul Bass are the greatest ones) and even if they where points of inspiration, the challenge is always to come up with something new. 
What plans do you have for the future of the project?
I've been thinking through many options for this. The final objective is to make a big "lifetime archive", showing the personal project that I have always loved to make. It could work as a fun exercise to put your film skills to test. The future is to reach the number 1000 and maybe each hundred change something.
Also, in the far future I want to make a book with the whole collection; I love print and as a posters, so it would be really nice to have a print medium to watch the series. 
About the writer
Nicolas Ortega is a graphic designer from Colombia who has studied and worked in New York with Milton Glaser. Take a look at his Tumblr: and connect with Nicolas on LinkedIn and Instagram.
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