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Whether it’s for our quarterly magazine or one of our 200 best books, our editors love seeing your work. Many of the world’s top creatives, photographers and commercial artists have clicked the button below. Now it’s your turn.

How to submit

How To Submit:

How do I get my work featured in Lürzer’s Archive magazine and on the website?

Our editors would love to see your latest work. They are constantly reviewing print, film/video, digital and other work from submissions. The best work will be selected for the Archive online and may also feature in our quarterly magazine. All selected work qualifies for our ranking points. For full details of how to enter work, read below, or use the ‘submit’ button above to begin the process.

What about usage and rights for any work I submit? 

Submissions of advertising and related creative works (e.g. commercials, posters, digital campaigns, image and film files, including case studies, etc.) to Lürzer International Ltd constitutes representation that the submitter has the authority to grant, and agrees to grant Lürzer International Ltd, permission to reproduce, edit and comment editorially on all or part of the submission in the editorial of Lürzer’s Archive and its books as well as on the website and any other media where Lurzer’s Archive chooses to promote the work.

All such reproductions are free of charge to the submitter. Lürzer International Ltd assumes no responsibility for the return of unsolicited material, and reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising material for whatever reason.

Do I have to pay to submit?

To be featured in Lürzer’s Archive selection and stored within the online archive is free of charge. For publication in a 200best book or other book publication a contribution to production costs will be due after selection, depending on the volume of selected work.

How often is the magazine published? 

Lürzers Archive is published quarterly with spring, summer, autumn and winter editions. The website is regularly updated and available to inspire you or help with research 24/7. 

What kind of work and how many pictures or videos can I submit?

If entering for the magazine, you may enter a single item, or a campaign of multiple images or films. Each submission should relate to one client/product and should be published work.

For 200best books you may enter up to 25 images including up to 5 unpublished, self-promotional images.

How recent should my work be?

No older than six months for submissions to Lürzer’s Archive unless expressly requested by the editorial team. No more than 18 months for submissions to a 200best book.

Which file formats can I upload, and what are the required specifications?

Images: TIFF, PNG or high-quality JPEG
Film: MP4 and MOV

Low-resolution images will be rejected. If accepted, we will use the files you provide here for print assets. Maximum file size is 600 MB.

Can I submit a series of images from one campaign through the online submission form?

Yes, you can upload a series of images in one single submission. The credits you enter will automatically be inserted into all executions of the campaign.

Can I state more than one name per credit?

Yes. You can name up to three creatives per credit.

Can I delete or amend data after submission?

No, this is not possible. In case you want to add or correct any part of a submission, please contact us, selecting ‘Editorial’ from the dropdown menu on the contact form.


How will I know if my work has been selected for publication?

You will be notified by email if your work is selected for publication.

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