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Lürzer’s Archive is one of the world’s leading publishers in the field of commercial creativity. Its magazine and website are a source of inspiration for many thousands of successful creatives around the world. The core audience includes leading Creative Directors, Art Directors, Copywriters and creatives in the fields of advertising, design, digital and other types of commercial communications.

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Our readers are trend-makers, highly discerning consumers and professionals often responsible for significant budget spends in their particular disciplines. 

For this reason, Lürzer’s Archive attracts advertising from some of the world’s top creative suppliers, including photographers, film/video makers, production, post-production and animation companies, and artist representative companies. 

Increasingly, the combination of high-disposable incomes and trend-led consumer spending is making our readership attractive to an even broader range of non-industry brands in luxury goods, automotive, technology, travel and fashion. 

There are growing opportunities to work with us to develop a unique marketing plan for your brand or service or skill, and we would be delighted to discuss the best way for you to engage with and benefit from our audience profile.

These can range from small local events to global special reports in the magazine and on the website. The opportunities are many and we would be pleased to discuss how we can help your brand.


We publish two editions of our quarterly magazine. The USA/Canada edition and the International edition. Advertisers can choose to run campaigns globally across both editions or in either edition. 

Our largest markets are the USA and the EU but we have recognition and readership worldwide with significant followings in, for example, Japan, Brazil, China and South Korea. 

Each copy of the magazine is typically read by at least six creatives, giving our advertisers a very broad influence across the industries and countries we cover. 

Our sales team will happily provide you with evidence-based case studies on the effectiveness of Lürzer’s Archive as an influencer of budget allocation. 

For all technical specifications and publication schedules please see the downloads at the bottom of this page.

To discuss these opportunities with your local ad sales representative please get in touch.


To maximize their effectiveness, we run a limited number of digital ads on the website. We also operate a policy of approving and collaborating on the content of these ads. It is important for the user experience of our site that any ads seen fit with the overall style and quality of the  editorial content. By assisting in the ad content we can deliver far more effective campaign results. 

Our team can help you create campaigns specifically for and would be happy to discuss both the cost and the process of advertising online.


Lürzer’s Archive is a globally respected and trusted name. Any brand closely associated with us or working with us benefits immensely from our perceived quality and creative standards. 

We can offer this connection in the form of brand partnerships. 


Later this year we will launch a new Portfolio product online. A select and limited number of creative suppliers – photographers, film/video makers, production companies etc – will be able to present showcases within the curated portfolio section of the website. This presentation can be tailored to the requirement of each client and will include a range of benefits designed to make sure the work is presented effectively to our global audience of creatives. 

If you would like to know more about Portfolios and potentially participate in this new part of Lurzer’s Archive, please get in touch with the form below.


We send out regular newsletters to an audience of approximately 60,000 creatives. We can offer both sponsorship and sponsored content opportunities on these newsletters. To discuss the opportunity, please use the form below to get in touch.


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Advertise with Lürzer’s Archive

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