03rd September 2012


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The man who has been routinely shot, beaten and imprisoned is now baking cupcakes.     Video: Acer Aspire S5 "Bake it - The Story of Kiefer Sutherland's Hidden Passion" by Mother, London.   Kiefer Sutherland, most famous for his role as agent Jack Bauer in 24, isn’t known for being the warm and fluffy, so his portrayal as a cupcake maker in the latest ad for Acer, created by Mother, London, is not exactly what we’ve come to expect.   Sutherland, who parodies his ‘24’ character in the cinema, online and print campaign, uses his Aspire S5 Ultrabook from Acer to look up recipes to create the perfect cupcake, before ingredient- interrogating and fire-bombing his way to cakes that are “more him”. All in a mission to create his own brand of desserts called 'Dynamite Cupcakes'.   We use the words warm and fluffy cautiously however. The man who has been routinely shot, beaten, imprisoned as well as killing 267 baddies and using “any means necessary” to get what he needed over eight seasons of the acclaimed television series can’t be expected to have a traditional approach to the culinary arts. There is no gentle whisking in frilly aprons here.   Maarten Schellekens, Acer’s global brand director, said: “At Acer we’re interested in what people do with the technology we develop. The S5 Ultrabook is the first of many products that will help our users explore a different side of themselves, for Kiefer that was cupcake baking but over the coming year we’ll create more stories of characters exploring beyond their limits.”   The ad breaks today in the UK, Germany, France and Russia as a 90 second film for cinema and the web, as well as the campaign including a 20 second TV trailer and a series of print ads.   Mother said: “Kiefer makes a great tough guy – but instead of tackling terrorists or dirty bombs, we wanted to test his cake making skills to the limit. It was a great shoot to work on – Kiefer said that the explosions were as big as anything in 24. We’re really looking forward to the next episode in this series, where another celebrity will be exploring a very different side of themselves.”   The link to the Ultrabook is slightly tenuous, but it is a funny ad none the less.   This isn’t the first time Sutherland has lent his talents to a computer company. In 2006, the actor provided the voice over for one of Apple’s first commercials touting its news partnership with Intel.   Video: Keifer Sutherland voices a 2006 ad for Mac Intel.

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