27th March 2013


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Prada has teamed up with film-makers Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola to create a short for their new fragrance, Candy L’Eau.   Rhia Chohan       Léa Seydoux, who we saw in a Prada Candy spot bouncing off the walls and flashing her underwear, is the centre of attention in this three’s-a-crowd short film.   The film sees ingénue Candy questioning her future after two fabulously coiffed andsuited young men, Julius and Gene, fall hopelessly in love with her in Paris.   Candy positively stuffs herself throughout the film: with banana splits and popcorn at the pictures. A surprise birthday party features her favourite “double-vanilla-chocolate cream” flavoured cake, which is scoffed.     “Julius has the brains of a scientist but the intelligence of a gorilla,” says Candy whilst getting a mani-pedi at the beauty salon. “Gene, of course, is every girl’s dream, but a woman’s nightmare.   “How much longer can we possibly all be so happy together?”   Prada released three 12-second teasers for the short, the full length of which was also released in three parts on the client’ site - seems to be the magic number, tying in with the nature of the relationship inspired by François Truffaut's “Jules et Jim”. Video: Prada Candy L’Eau “Full Version” by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola     It combines what you’ve come to expect from the team that brought you Moonrise Kingdom and The Darjeeling Unlimited and also features Jacques Dutronc’s “L’Idole” as the soundtrack.   The Nouvelle Vague influence may explain why the film is set in Paris and in French rather than Italian or English.   

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