04th October 2016

Sony’s colourful ads

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Sony’s colourful ads

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With the days are getting darker again and foggy november days laying ahead of us, it's time to focus on the brighter, more heart-warming moments in life. So, why not take a short trip through the playful and colourful Sony Bravia spots, which made it into Lürzers Archive over the last decade. Sony has the right touch when it comes to colourful ads. Their brand new spot "More brilliance. More beauty." by DDB, Berlin promoting their 4K HDR TV has made it to our Spot of the Week recently and will be found in the upcoming issue of Lürzers Archive Vol.6/2016. It was shot in an old abandoned Romanian casino, where white balloons are bouncing through the empty ceilings, when they finally burst and release glitter in all colours. The more than fitting song is contributed by Cindy Lauper "True Colors". See below several short films, which allow a glimpse behind the scenes of  "More brilliance. More beauty", from the exploring balloons to the colour explosion at the end. Besides the "glitter balloons", let's remember the Sony Bravia spot by McCann Erickson, where a volcanic eruption of flowers covers an entire mountain village. And not to forget the epic balls spot of 2006, where thousands of colourful rubber balls are bouncing down the streets of San Francisco to the strains of Jose Gonazles' "Heartbeat". It was created by London based Agency Fallon, like "The Paint" and “Play-Doh” before. Returning to glamour and glitter again: isn't some glitter the ideal starter for the festive mood we are going to get until the upcoming Christmas season? And let's be honest, Christmas will be here sooner than later, like every year. The motto is: glitter on!

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