14th October 2015

The Champions League of Advertising

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The Champions League of Advertising

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In a guest post for Lürzer's Archive, Dan Bryant from the Art Directors Club of Europe gives us the highlights of the second European Creativity Festival, taking place at the Disseny Hub in Barcelona. The European Creativity Festival is the highlight of our calendar, as this year, marks the 24th edition of those Awards and we’re excited to welcome in 51 fantastic names from 17 different nations to judge just over 670 pieces of work. But not just any work. It’s 670 pieces of work that has already been earmarked as best in class by its home nation. Everything our jury sees is already a winner, which makes our Champions League analogy quite apt! It’s this entry criteria which has always given the ADCE Awards a celebratory spirit (for there are no losers, only winners!), and it’s in this spirit that we took the decision to create something bigger: a full Festival of creativity that uses this great occasion to bring together some of the most creative, innovative and inspiring people from across the whole of Europe, and hear what they have to say. In 2015, we’re fortunate to have an amazing collection of talents from the breadth of Europe. Our President Amir Kassaei will be discussing creativity with fellow heavyweights Rosie Arnold and Farid Mokart. We have visual art performances from Florian Mehnert and Pantónio. And we’ll have the always-engrossing Nils Leonard spreading the creative gospel, to name just a few.  One of the new initiatives we’re especially excited about this year is High Potentials.  Continuing our remit as a non-profit organisation to support, nurture, and shine a spotlight on creative talent from across the breadth of Europe; High Potentials offers creative the opportunity to network with from professionals from the HR sector and personal branding experts. As a multi-national organisation, our ethos has always been rooted in learning and collaboration that crosses all boundaries, whether that be age, experience, language, nationality, discipline and even profession. High Potentials offers just that, designed to help creative of any experience sell him or herself better, showcase their own talents and find fantastic jobs. We’re pleased too to make our Festival as accessible as possible. Like our awards, we aim to keep ticket prices at an absolute minimum to ensure agencies and creative individuals of all backgrounds have the opportunity to attend and be inspired by some of the finest work from our industry. Two-day passes for the event, which includes all of the talks, lectures, workshops, and the closing Awards gala, cost just €30 for ADCE-affiliated clubs, €20 for students and €60 for non-members. For a small team here in Spain, sometimes we surprise ourselves in how we’re able to put such a grand event together! Admittedly our ambition sometimes means we have eyes bigger than our stomachs, but we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved so far with the Festival. We’re indebted to the generosity of so many talented people that give up their time to gather with us in Barcelona and we hope we can inspire and connect even great numbers this year.  It’s going to be an absolutely fantastic weekend, please do check out the full programme and we hope you can join us in Barcelona! More information For tickets and more information, visit For those unable to attend, the Festival will be streamed live on YouTube for the first time! Want to write a guest post for the Lürzer's Archive blog? Read up on our guidelines and get in touch.

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